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Captain Anthony Watson

Name Anthony Josiah Watson

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Birth Date 4 December 2326

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 190 lbs.
Hair Color "Salt & Pepper"
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Anthony Watson is a middle-aged human whom many would say has aged gracefully despite the physical and emotional stresses endured throughout his career. He is slightly taller than the average human being and has always stood out from the crowd because of this, though he has never been one to boast of his appearance nor has he ever taken it for granted. When not in uniform, Watson prefers to dress simply and casually, choosing to forgo a more flamboyant wardrobe in favor of the traditional tunic. Self-discipline and healthful habits developed during his childhood have helped him to maintain physical stamina over the years. The only exception to this is the leg injury sustained from the destruction of his first command, the USS Lightsey, which led to several months of physical therapy during his early incarceration. All this has been a compliment to the mysterious, charismatic aura often conveyed by his expression.


Father Jacob Watson
Mother Pamela Watson (nee Jones)
Sister(s) Sarah Watson

Angela Watson
Friends & Relationships Oscar Webb

Personality & Traits

General Overview Watson used to idealize being part of the perfect system. Such a system required clear guidelines and rules, something Watson found in Starfleet. He saw Starfleet procedure and Federation law as necessary, fundamental tenants for interacting with the universe around him and would rely on them often to help determine an appropriate course of action. Both his technical knowledge and charismatic personality helped propel his rise through the ranks. For all intents and purposes, Watson seemed well on his way to achieving his dream of a distinguished Starfleet career.

Time and tribulation have certainly changed Watson. In the years since his infamous fall from grace, Watson has become far less impulsive and less prone to delusions of grandeur. He has learned the difficult lesson that no system is perfect. Yet, there remains a firm belief that one must continue to aspire toward perfection, fully acknowledging it to be an impossible achievement for one lifetime. Those who know Watson well have described him as more patient, quiet, and deliberative than his younger self had been. Watson has also demonstrated a greater self-awareness and a willingness to put the needs of others ahead of his own.
Strengths & Weaknesses Much has changed since Watson returned to active duty following his incarceration. People have observed him to be more thoughtful and deliberative. The brashness of his youth has been replaced by more tempered contemplation that has allowed him to engage more broadly with the world around him. Watson is still considered by many to be very systematically-minded. He is able to see the larger picture of what is going on and frequently makes decisions that sometimes seem strange to those without that context. Many are coming to respect Watson's more compassionate manner, something which has only added to his mysteriously charismatic nature.

However, there are also several areas in which Watson continues to grow. The loss of his first command and subsequent years at the New Zealand Penal Settlement have made him occasionally view the procedures he once held in highest regard as more guidelines than hard & fast rules. The incident aboard the Lightsey seems only to have marked the beginning of an increasingly common pattern in which Watson places the needs of others before himself. Additionally, those who remember Watson from his younger years say that he is quieter, more reserved. There is a mysterious air about this more secluded man that can distance him from others.
Ambitions As a young man, Watson entered Starfleet with dreams of becoming something greater. He saw all the rules, regulations, procedures, and polices as the perfect opportunity to be part of what could only be described as the perfect system. This belief carried Watson as he soared upward through much of his early career, eventually rising to command the Saber-class USS Lightsey. It was not until the destruction of the Lightsey and Watson's subsequent incarceration that he finally realized the perfect system he had dreamed of was nothing more than an illusion.

Watson has since undergone a seemingly profound change resulting from his experience. Many see him as having become an entirely new man, though as Watson as already started realizing, perhaps this is simply who he has been all along. His desire is to continue serving in whatever capacity Starfleet would have him for the time being. At the same time, there is much in his life Watson he feels he may regret and would like to understand better.
Hobbies & Interests One of Watson's longest-standing interests has been computer coding. He learned much of the basics from his father, an operational technician at the local communications hub, while still very young. Watson continued to expand his skills through structured and independent study whenever he had a chance. The practice itself almost became a form of meditation for him even before he knew it himself. Although he has not made much public use of his skills since entering the command track, Watson still works on coding puzzles and side projects whenever time allows.

Watson also enjoys reading and has built a modest collection of literary volumes that he keeps with him aboard ship. Because access to the holodeck was relatively limited during the period of his incarceration, Watson finds that his dependence upon holographic technology for entertainment is not as great as many of his subordinates. He does still make use of the ship's holodeck for personal recreation, meditation, and the occasional holonovel.

Finally, Watson enjoys taking the time to prepare his own meals. There is a certain deliberateness to cooking that seems to provide him with opportunities to process his day. Watson isn't above trying new recipies from time to time, especially when entertaining guests.
Languages Federation Standard, Romulan, Vulcan

Personal History Early Childhood

Anthony Watson was born to Jacob and Pamela Watson on 4 December 2326 in Boston, Massachusetts on Earth. Jacob was a reasonably skilled operations technician working for the city communications network specializing in mainframe repair and maintenance. Pamela worked at a nearby bookstore which she eventually took over after the owner passed away when Anthony was eight years old.

The Watsons owned a comfortable apartment near the city center. In good weather, the family was able to enjoy spending time wandering through historic Boston, frequently packing their lunch for picnics in one of the many city parks. Perhaps the most interesting season for Anthony, however, was autumn when the entire area would be covered with the vibrant colors of changing leaves. Anthony often enjoyed exploring the winding city streets on his own and maping them out in his head as the seasons continued their transition from summer to winter.

By the time Anthony began attending the Boston Public Schools when he was five-years-old, there was no doubt in anyone's mind he had the potential to be quite the advanced learner. It was not uncommon for Anthony to speed through the assigned homework problems so that he could work on something more interesting to him. He would often be scolded for not paying attention in class and for not showing his work. Even at an early age, the young boy's mind had shown a preference for the regiment and order of mathematics, systems, and coding. His thirst for knowledge seemed to be insatiable and it came as no surprise when he quickly surpassed the other students in reading ability.

Outside of academics, Anthony appeared to be more of a loner. His mother and father tried several times to gently encourage him to participate in activities with other children his age. This seemed to have little effect on the young boy and they were eventually forced to put their foot down. Unless Anthony signed up for at least one team sport, his parents would no longer let him take part in any coding competitions. Anthony tried to resist, but upon realizing they were not going to give up, relented and signed up for cross country. The routine and regimen Anthony received from that point through his early graduation from high school helped him learn how to better manage his time in order to get things done.

The fact neither of his parents had anything to do with Starfleet did not prevent Anthony from setting his sights on Starfleet Academy while still a freshman in high school. Many of them knew the stories of famous starship captains and unbridled exploration, but it was the regimented structure and opportunity to be part of something greater that really drew Anthony in. He learned everything he could about Starfleet rules and regulations. By the beginning of his junior year, Anthony was ready to take the Academy Entrance Exams. Anthony was able to pass the examinations and was accepted into Starfleet Academy following his early graduation from high school. So it was that in the summer of 2343, Anthony packed up and headed off to San Francisco to begin his studies as a Starfleet cadet.

Starfleet Academy

Early Starfleet Career

Command Track

Destruction of the USS Lightsey

Watson and the crew of the USS Lightsey continued to serve with distinction throughout much of the Dominion War until an incident in early 2375 upset the balance. The Lightsey had been tasked with transporting several former Maquis back from the front lines. Despite having suffered a brutal offensive at the hands of a combined Cardassian-Dominion task force, the Maquis were still seen by many as terrorists, criminals, and outlaws. The Lightsey was only three days out from Deep Space Nine when they came under attack from two Cardassian Hideki-class patrol cruisers. At first, it seemed as if the Lightsey would likely hold out against her assailants. Suddenly, without warning, she began suffering a massive power overload. Systems all across the ship rapidly began to fail. Within moments, the Lightsey was crippled with her engines building toward a warp core breach. Watson saw no other alternative and ordered the crew to abandon ship. Out of the eighty-five persons serving aboard the Lightsey, less than half managed to survive the explosion and to evade capture by the Cardassian ships.

An investigation was launched immediately following the survivors' return to Earth. It was eventually discovered that one of the former Maquis being transported by the Lightsey was unaccounted for. Computer records recovered from the Lightsey indicated Watson had been meeting privately with the individual in question just prior to the battle. The security officer on duty confirmed it was the last time anyone saw or interacted with the individual. Given the evidence available to them, the investigators concluded Watson was responsible for intentionally releasing the individual in question and that it was this missing person who was responsible for the mysterious systems' failure aboard the Lightsey which ultimately led to her destruction.

Not long afterward, Captain Anthony Watson was brought before a General Court Martial on charges of insubordination, release of a prisoner without authorization, and willfully suffering the destruction of Starfleet property (namely his command, the Saber-class USS Lightsey). The case was successfully prosecuted by then-Lieutenant Commander Arnold Mercer, whose career would subsequently be catapulted into the spotlight and who would go on to prosecute several high profile cases. Watson was stripped of his rank and dishonorably discharged from Starfleet. He was remanded to the custody of the New Zealand Penal Settlement where he served out his entire sentence of fourteen years.

Release, Restoration, & Return to Duty

Shortly after his release in 2389, Watson received a summons from the Office of the Judge Advocate-General informing him that his case was undergoing administrative review. The young man whom Watson released fourteen years prior had resurfaced and, having learned of Watson's fate, brought forward new evidence on the former Commanding Officer's behalf. This new evidence cast events surrounding the Lightsey's destruction in an entirely new light. After much deliberation, the review board determined neither Watson nor the released prisoner had been responsible for the power overload which led to the ship's destruction. The former ruling was overturned and the guilty verdicts expunged from Watson's record.

This sudden turn of events came as quite a surprise for Watson who, by that point, had resigned himself to the difficult task of finding civilian employment after fourteen years in prison. Things became more interesting when Watson was approached by Captain Elizabeth Daring of the Intrepid-class USS Gallant with an offer to serve as her Executive Officer. The position would come with the rank of Commander and some scrutiny, at least for the first few months. However, it wasn't long before Watson started finding his place among the Gallant's crew.

Watson continued to serve as Executive Officer until late 2390 when he was selected to assume command of the Galaxy-class USS Magellan currently completing a major overhaul at Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards. It was around this time that Captain Elizabeth Daring recommended Commander Anthony Watson be considered as a candidate for command due to Watson's extensive experience and dedicated service. Starfleet Command agreed and officially tapped Commander Watson as the most likely candidate to receive command of the first Galaxy-class Mark III starship. This assignment would also come with promotion to the rank of Captain. Commander Watson began the process of reviewing potential candidates for senior staff positions and communicating with yard engineers regarding the Magellan's progress while still carrying out his duties as Executive Officer aboard the USS Gallant.
Service Record - Cadet ~ Starship Operations, Starfleet Academy (2343-2347)
- Ensign ~ Operations Officer, USS Concord (2347-2350)
- Lieutenant JG ~ Operations Officer, USS Concord (2350-2352)
- Lieutenant JG ~ Assistant Chief Operations Officer, USS Concord (2352-2354)
- Lieutenant ~ Assistant Chief Operations Officer, USS Concord (2354-2355)
- Lieutenant ~ Chief Operations Officer, USS Concord (2355-2356)
- Lieutenant ~ Chief Operations Officer, USS Jefferson (2356-2358)
- Lieutenant Commander ~ Chief Operations Officer & Second Officer, USS Jefferson (2358-2359)
- Lieutenant Commander ~ Executive Officer, USS Jefferson (2359-2360)
- Commander ~ Executive Officer, USS Jefferson (2360-2362)
- Commander ~ Executive Officer, USS Carolina (2362-2366)
- Captain ~ Commanding Officer, USS Lightsey (2366-2375)

- Prisoner ~ Minimum Security, New Zealand Penal Settlement (2375-2389)

- Commander ~ Executive Officer, USS Gallant (2389-2391)
- Captain ~ Commanding Officer, USS Magellan (2391-Present)