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Created by Captain Anthony Watson on Mon Jul 27th, 2015 @ 7:15pm

One of the most visible components of Star Trek Roleplaying is the posts we write individually and as a simulation. When put together, these posts tell the story of our characters, our ship, and our adventures. The following is a brief guideline as to how certain aspects of posting should be formatted so that we can ensure some measure of continuity for those reading them. It is strongly encouraged for all members to read and abide by these guidelines.

===Mission Posts & Joint Mission Posts===

Mission posts are posts written by an individual author about their own character and/or non-playing characters in the third person. Joint mission posts are written by more than one author about their own charachters and/or non-playing characters in the third person. These posts should read like a book rather than a script. It is also important that we include a certain amount of information so that readers are aware of how the mission post fits into the greater narrative of the mission or simulation.


Title: Insert Witty or Plot-related Title Here
Location: Watson's Quarters, USS Magellan
Timeline: Mission Day 01, 0940 Hours

The location doesn't need to have the deck number listed unless it is relevant, like "Corridor - Deck 5, USS Magellan". The timeline should always be the mission day followed by the military time so as to avoid confusion over whether the post is taking place during the "day" or at "night".

In addition, all posts should have the time and location stamp immediately following the "ON:". This way, people reading the posts will be able to see the time and location. This format should also be used when changing locations/times in mid post.


ON: [[Main Bridge, USS Magellan, MD01, 0800]]

[[Ready Room, USS Magellan, MD01, 0815]]

===Personal Logs===

Personal logs are written by an individual author from the perspective of their own character or non-playing character in the first person. These posts should read like the written transcript of the character's personal log recording. It is also important that we include a certain amount of information so that readers are aware of how the mission post fits into the greater narrative of the mission or simulation.


Title Chosen by Poster

ON: [[Ready Room, USS Magellan, MD01, 0800]]

For the sake of appearance and continuity, I would like everyone to use the same "ON" timestamp system for personal logs as we do for mission posts. Players may title their personal logs however they wish as long as it gives some indication as to the content of the log. Subsequent personal logs submitted on the same Mission Day may include "Supplemental" in the title.

===In-Character/Out-Of-Character Notifications===

When working on a post or sending it out, you can add additional information "Out-of-Character". For instance, if you are working on a Joint Post, you can start it with "OOC:" or "OFF:", leave a note for the people you're working on a post with, and then either put a line of dasehes in or start the post with "ON" (or both). You can also add notes to a post at the end simply by inserting a line of dashes and putting "OOC:" or "OFF:". Notes are usually deleted before the post is sent out, although if the note is for everyone, then it can be left in place.


OOC: This is a note for the people I'm working on a JP with. It might explain where I'd like to go with the post or pass along a message about something we're working on to help the writing process.


Ensign Jasper started working on repairs...


...and they lived happily ever after.


OFF: I'll be sending out plot notes soon so everyone knows what's going to happen next :-)

===Comm System===

It is not all that unusual for posts to include two-way communication via some sort of channel between two characters, two ships, or a ship and an away team. The only time commbadges need to be included in posts is when somebody (or the computer voice) is talking over the Comm System. ONLY lines of dialogue by the computer voice or those coming OUT OF the Comm System require commbadges.


Anthony tapped his commbadge. "Watson to Ensign Jasper (NPC)."

=^= Go ahead. =^=

"Your presence is required in the Mess Hall at once."

=^= On my way, sir. =^=

Another possible way to differentiate would be to use different location tags when moving back and forth between different scenes. For example:

[[Main Bridge]]

"Engineering, how long until warp power is restored," Anthony asked.

[[Main Engineering]]

"Two minutes, sir," Ed (NPC) replied nervously.


As noted above, this policy is meant to maintain a level of continuity across our posting so as to help readers better understand how a single post fits into the greater narrative of the simulation. Questions, comments, and concerns are always welcomed and should be directed to a member of the Magellan's Command Staff via private message or email. Modification and enforcement of this policy is at the discretion of the Magellan's Commanding Officer.

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