USS Magellan Simulation Timeline

Created by Captain Anthony Watson on Fri Aug 7th, 2015 @ 1:37pm

Beginning with the game year 2391, the subsequent passage of time shall be determined by the ratio of one (1) in-character year to every two (2) calendar years. This would mean the game year 2392 would not begin until January 2017. As this is only meant to be a rough measure, we will have the flexibility to condense or expand individual days, weeks, or months in the game to match our simulation's writing speed in the real world.

It is the goal of this simulation to complete a minimum of two (2) missions per calendar year. The table below provides a rough measure of how this system will play out in relation to past, present, and potentially future missions. Questions, comments, or concerns should be directed to the simulation Commanding Officer.

Calendar Month/Year Game Month/Year Simulation Mission
August 2015 April 2391 "Light in the Darkness"